Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FizzBuzz, A Return To Java

The last time I've really coded in Java without learning a concurrent language was ICS 111. Since then I've renounced Java, as alternate dynamic languages I've learned in such classes as 215 and 313 was a lot more appealing to me. Diving back into Java on the first day of 314 was a challenge (though, it was akin to riding a bike, you never really forget it).

Asking to go back to Eclipse was another blast from the past after switching over to Emacs in the past year. The first problem being that in Emacs I use viper-mode, a plugin that emulates the keybindings for vi. To get writing the code, I had to dig into the settings to switch to emacs keybindings, which was a little more familiar to me. Factoring this into the equation I produced the following code in about 10 minutes:

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